OASIS Virtual Care is Solving Nursing Workforce Challenges from a Woman-Owned Business Perspective

What makes women-owned businesses unique?

OASIS Virtual Care | Women owned businesses in virtual healthcare

Maria Hagen, President & CEO with Kristine Clark, Founder of OASIS Virtual Care are bringing a new Virtual Care Model to market to end nursing workforce challenges while bringing the joy of nursing back to care providers.

Kristine Clark – “Remember, everyone matters…”

Kristine Clark has over 40 years of experience in healthcare and business, and currently holds ownership and leadership roles at OASIS Virtual Care and CrossMed Healthcare Staffing Solutions, two women-owned businesses headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Maria Hagen – “Bringing high-tech compassionate care…”

Maria Hagen serves as President and CEO of OASIS Virtual Care. She brings over 30 years of Executive Leadership experience across a diverse suite of critical and essential healthcare business functions. She has led many large scale transitions and has driven transformative business model changes throughout global organizations.

If we can support you as a woman owned business or as a health system bringing virtual nursing to your organization – we’d love to hear from you!

The influence of women in business and healthcare is impressive.

OASIS Virtual Care is proud to be recognized as a women-owned enterprise, highlighting the pivotal role women play in economic development while also promoting values that contribute to more equitable and sustainable futures. OASIS partners with each organization to maximize workforce solutions that blend with culture, process and people. They work side by side to get you the business results you need and to ensure the new care team model is sustainable.

Women-led businesses are often characterized by:

  • Strong commitments to social responsibility,
  • Community engagement, and
  • Fostering diversity.

These principles are profoundly instrumental in driving positive and inclusive change – and are especially useful in the virtualization of healthcare and related industries that are being disrupted and changing rapidly. 

Successful women entrepreneurs are distinguished by their practice of:

  • Setting goals,
  • Celebrating achievements,
  • Pushing themselves to persevere, all the while
  • Maintaining their health and well-being.

The increased involvement of women in the healthcare sector is vital for introducing diversity in business models, innovative ideas, and product offerings. This participation further cultivates valuable networks and support systems that yield beneficial outcomes for women and their surrounding communities.

Characteristics commonly observed among women in business include a:

  • Propensity to solve problems and pursue their interests,
  • Relentless pursuit of excellence,
  • Strategic building and utilization of networks,
  • Offering unique perspectives, and a willingness to voice their opinions frequently. 

Women entrepreneurs are also inclined to embrace risks, albeit with a cautious approach to avoid unnecessary perils. Their ability to multitask and draw upon a rich tapestry of experiences significantly contributes to their success as entrepreneurs and business owners.

In summary, OASIS Virtual Care is proud to be a women-owned business, recognizing the unique strengths and contributions of women-led enterprises to the economy and society at large. Through fostering a culture of inclusivity, responsibility, and community engagement, women-owned businesses like OASIS Virtual Care are dedicated to solving big problems for the communities they serve.

Benefits of Women Leaders in Healthcare

According to USC’s Executive Master of Health Administration Online | Women in Health Care Leadership: Past, Present and Future

November 17, 2023

Women perform well in multiple aspects of leadership that are critical to the healthcare industry. For example, a 2021 study by McKinsey & Company and Leanin.org found that within 423 companies across the U.S. and Canada, women were better than men at:

  • Providing emotional support to employees: 19% of men compared with 31% of women
  • Considering the well-being of employees: 54% of men compared with 61% of women
  • Helping employees navigate work-life challenges: 24% of men compared with 29% of women
  • Intervening to prevent or deal with employee burnout: 16% of men compared with 21% of women
  • Leading and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts: 7% of men compared with 11% of women

Through these and many other traits of transformative leaders, women can lead healthcare organizations that are efficient, effective and equitable.

Maria Hagen


Maria Hagen currently serves as Chief Operating Officer at OASIS Virtual Care in Omaha, Nebraska since November, 2023. In this role she oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the business. She brings over 30 years of Executive Leadership experience across a diverse suite of healthcare business functions including Virtual Care Services, Global Software Development, Clinical, Revenue Cycle and Change Management Consulting, Clinical and Revenue Cycle Implementations, Managed IT Services and Hosting Services. She has led many large scale transitions and has driven transformative business model changes throughout global organizations. She is passionate about bringing innovative
product and service solutions to market that will drive and transform healthcare operations, efficiency and outcomes.

She is a graduate of Drexel University and holds degrees in Management of Computerized Information Systems and Finance. She is a guest lecturer for Executive MBA programs at local universities and serves as a mentor to early career executive colleagues around the globe.

Ms. Hagen partners with our healthcare organizations to effectuate a new care team delivery
model that promotes top of license professional practice, staff satisfaction and exceptional
patient experience by providing high tech compassionate care.

Kevin Weber


Over the last decade Kevin has worked with health systems across the US to successfully create, implement and service virtual nursing programs. He is passionate about transforming patient care and developing long-lasting trusted partnerships. Kevin has over 20 years of strategic healthcare, technology and operational sales experience. He brings expertise, vision and energy to grow and expand all revenue generating activities. Kevin joins OASIS as the VP Sales, he is looking forward to growing virtual services within patient care, as innovation drives new ways care is being delivered.