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Quality of Care Patient Experience Safety/Falls Admissions Discharges Satisfaction Scores Family Support Patient Education Readmissions Team Retention HACs, Cauti, Clabsi Pressure Ulcers Reimbursement

Anticipated Results

Labor Savings


Labor Cost

Virtual Nursing 

Reduces Overtime


Labor Savings


Labor Cost

Virtual Sitting

Reduces Sitter Cost


Labor Savings


Labor Cost

Virtual Nursing

Decreases Contract Labor


Staff Satisfaction


Staff Turnover

Improved RN Job Satisfaction

Decreases Turnover


Quality of Care

Clinical Falls/

Falls with Injury

Virtual Rounding

Reduces Falls & Falls with Injury


Patient Satisfaction



Improved HCAHPS Scores


Patient Throughput


Length of Stay

Expedited Discharge
Reduces Length of Stay

~.2 Days

This is just the beginning!

Maria Hagen


Maria Hagen currently serves as Chief Operating Officer at OASIS Virtual Care in Omaha, Nebraska since November, 2023. In this role she oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the business. She brings over 30 years of Executive Leadership experience across a diverse suite of healthcare business functions including Virtual Care Services, Global Software Development, Clinical, Revenue Cycle and Change Management Consulting, Clinical and Revenue Cycle Implementations, Managed IT Services and Hosting Services. She has led many large scale transitions and has driven transformative business model changes throughout global organizations. She is passionate about bringing innovative
product and service solutions to market that will drive and transform healthcare operations, efficiency and outcomes.

She is a graduate of Drexel University and holds degrees in Management of Computerized Information Systems and Finance. She is a guest lecturer for Executive MBA programs at local universities and serves as a mentor to early career executive colleagues around the globe.

Ms. Hagen partners with our healthcare organizations to effectuate a new care team delivery
model that promotes top of license professional practice, staff satisfaction and exceptional
patient experience by providing high tech compassionate care.

Kevin Weber


Over the last decade Kevin has worked with health systems across the US to successfully create, implement and service virtual nursing programs. He is passionate about transforming patient care and developing long-lasting trusted partnerships. Kevin has over 20 years of strategic healthcare, technology and operational sales experience. He brings expertise, vision and energy to grow and expand all revenue generating activities. Kevin joins OASIS as the VP Sales, he is looking forward to growing virtual services within patient care, as innovation drives new ways care is being delivered.